…whether Canadians can meet the challenges of decolonization.” –Tsilhqot’in Nation v British Columbia, 2007 BCSC 1700 at para 20.

ILADA is convinced we can.  The ILADA Blog critiques Canadian jurisprudence, discusses state policy, and analyzes public debate: all with the goal of indigenizing legal thought on Turtle Island. Because decolonization requires all hands on deck.

ILADA est convaincu que nous pouvons le faire. Le blog a l’ambition de contribuer à “indigeniser” la pensee juridique sur l’ile de la tortue – en offrant des critiques de la jurisprudence canadienne, des discussions des politiques de l’etat, et des analyses du debat public. Parce que la décolonisation est un effort collectif.

2 thoughts on ““The central question is…

  1. Just seeing these words put together in this way — in English and French — brings immense hope for new possibilities and fresh action.


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